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On Shmups – Scrolling

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Summer is hot. If you’re anywhere within a few hundred miles from the hills, it is only too easy to pack your underwear and drive off to the nearest village for a cool breather. I like my peace and quiet, which is something I don’t get here in the city. Cars honking in the distance […]

On Shmups – Shootdodge!

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Avoiding obstacles can be challenging, especially when you’re only allowed limited control. Jumping in a 2D platformer for example is a careful exchange of control. Players read the map and formulate a strategy which informs their decision to relinquish substantial control in exchange for a height advantage. All this happens within fractions of a second. […]

On Shmups

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I don’t like playing shmups. They don’t feel right. On paper they might have neat rules and game mechanics that shake hands to make interesting gameplay, but personally I don’t enjoy actually playing them. The controls are too simple – linearly mapping the arrow keys to the ship’s position in 2D just makes it uninteresting. […]