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On Lovely Planet 2

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I had never felt like following up on the original with a straight up sequel after the release of Lovely Planet back in 2014 because I was a lot more excited to experiment with other ideas. Both the games that followed-up the original were based in the same universe but changed the gameplay and mechanics […]

Videogames vs. the World

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“Oh look! Grand Theft Auto 5 has grossed more than any film ever! We made it! Videogames are officially great!” I don’t very much agree with the narrative surrounding the significance and importance of videogames among other media. Videogames get a bad rap and I think that to a great extent they definitely deserve it. […]

Videogames vs. Film

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I’ve been meaning to speak my mind about the relationship we’ve had with film. Videogames are nascent and they didn’t come this far without having taken some queues from other media. I enjoy movies a lot, I’ve even tried to make my own. When I see movies, I see a medium that’s acutely self aware […]

Videogames Today

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Press X to start playing. Cutscene. Buff dude with big beard, staring blankly into space. Realtime tesselation for maximum biceps. Motion capture actor is feeling silly wearing tights. Nobody cares! Three million copies first week, keep going. Marketing team is excited. Press X again to swing axe. What if I don’t? Existential crisis. Buff dude […]

What do you mean, “Videogame”?

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Although this might read a lot like a haphazard cover-up to my previous blog post where I explained how I don’t like videogames anymore, I’ve been meaning to follow up on it, especially since I’ve had plenty of time to think on things. After distancing myself from games to some extent, I’ve had the luxury […]

Distributed Narrative Collectables and Diegetic Choice Field Exploration

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If there’s one thing I know for certain from the two decades I’ve spent playing video games, it’s that we like to collect things. I would speak for myself but I believe that it applies to most players, be it coins in Temple Run or armour sets in Diablo 2. There is a feeling of […]

The Mute King : Afterthoughts

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I try to avoid giving general statements about game design but it’s almost accepted as a universal truth – Learning is fun. Which is what I was trying to do with with my LD48 entry The Mute King, but it fell short on many fronts. From that list of design errors and careless mistakes, I’ve […]

GGJ ’13 Entry – Listen to Your Heart

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In a three man team over two full days we wrote a short text adventure game called Listen to Your Heart for the Global Game Jam ’13. I’ve always disliked text adventures which involve wading through pages of text before the next player input, matched with a horrible text parsing algorithm which is always a […]

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